Monday, July 28, 2008

The beach

A few weeks ago friends from Holland came to Kusadasi for a week holiday... We spent 5 days with them, proudly showing the best places in Izmir as well.
They had brought their 2 daughters with them, Tess 3 yrs old and Robin 6 yrs. Femke was quite impressed by these talkative and happy ladies.
The "Starbucks experience" is always a success.
Here on the right 2 men and 3 ladies...
The Starbucks in Kusadasi is on a great location facing the Bird Island and the sea. Our friend Dimitri drank for the first time in his life a Frappuchino Caramel with whipped cream and loved every sip of it.
The beach in Kusadasi has improved a lot the last
years. It is clean and well managed. For Femke it is nice to play in the sand but the high waves make it less fun for her to sit close to the sea. I think she enjoyed the swimmingpool in our hotel better as she could walk around there.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

New website!

Dear all,

Due to the many international friends we made the past years we decided to open a new website in English!

With Femke now part of the family we also thought MerenAr was not quiet correct anymore.

We are looking forward to sharing our photo's and our stories with you.


Meryem, Arthur and Femke