Saturday, November 1, 2008

Urla, authentic, chaotic, sometimes charming

Ever wondered what this town Urla exactly looks like?
Well it is a town of farmers ! At the bank or postoffice you can smell the 'farm' smells haha, and everywhere are traces of farm land.
Tractors, fields, men wearing high boots..
It makes Urla not a very modern or ''beautiful' place.
We know Urla now for 6 six years, and a few weeks ago the first nice, modern coffee shop was opened!
Urla has it charming sides, the old greek houses, of which a few now are restaurated and will be shops or restaurants. An old mosque here, a mysterious small street there, a tiny bazaar, a lane with palm trees, little shops everywhere, a few green parks, a beautiful city council building...
The major, half his staff and the kadastre staff were in prison for a while due to fraud; this has stopped a major construction project in the heart of Urla.
There is a huge hole in the ground, where the shopping centre/parking lot should have been built.
The fraud says enough about professional city management, there is none!
Look at Bodrum, look at Alacati; without a proper vision of city council management what to do with a town, Urla will remain a farmers town, little change and development.