Sunday, January 25, 2009

20+ words!

Femke turned 17 months today and we thought it was time to count all the words she can say... Here we go:

1. Mama

2. Papa

3. Mammi

4. Mimi (when she wanted to suck)

5. Anne (mama in Turkish)

6. Baby

7. Hallo

8. ByeBye

9. Bitti ('finished' in Turkish)

10. Hayriye (name of our cleaning lady)

11. Auto

12. Toetoet

13. Toetje (desert)

14. Ohoh! (when disaster is coming)

15. Hoppala (when she achieves something and is proud)

16. Hoppetjee (see 15)

17. No-no-no

18. Ja (yes in Dutch)

19. Mauw

20. WoefWoef

21. Banaan (Banana)

22. Appel (apple)

23. Aapjes (monkies)

24. Bah (trash, dirty nappies etc)

We cannot get here to say oma (grandmother) or su (water in Turkish)..but this is still very good we think!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Singapore & Malaysia December 2008

It was time for a long and far holiday again! This time to Singapore and Malaysia!
Our webalbum with our most beautiful pictures can be found here:

On short notice more information on what we visited there..